Our Complete Approach To Surf Coaching

Our approach to surf coaching is designed to improve every aspect of your surfing to help you catch more waves and surf them better. Your coaching starts before you even enter the water and ends with photo and video analysis of your session.

We offer surf coaching, in several different locations around San Diego including: Encinitas, Solana Beach, Del Mar, and Carlsbad.

Surf Fitness

How to stay in shape when the waves are flat

Swimming Running

Surf Forecasting

How to analyze surf forecasts and know when and where the surf will be good

Forecast Waves Swell Chart

Choosing Your Quiver

Picking the right spot and the right equipment for each session

Paddling Out Longboard

Navigating the Lineup

Navigating lineups and reading sets to get the best waves

In The Lineup Sunset Wave

Performance Surfing

Build more speed, do more powerful turns, launch bigger airs, and get deeper in the barrel

Deep Barrel Off the Lip
Progressive Surf Academy

Surf Coaching

$150 / 2.5 hours $80 extra for dedicated photographer & computer analysis
Whether you are a beginner surfer looking to build your skills with the proper technique or a competitive surfer looking to improve your contest performance, you can benefit from the assistance of one of our expert coaches.

Technology + Surf Coaching

Video analysis is one of the biggest reasons that the sport of surfing has progressed so fast over the last few years. We offer custom photo and video services as an added service. One of our professional surf photographers will come and take hi-res photo and video of your session, capturing every moment of every wave. After the session, we use computer software to analyze your performance and identify areas that you are doing well and areas for improvement. There is no better way to quickly advance your surfing than by having one of our surf coaches use photo and video analysis. Book Now
Photo/Video Sessions

Surf Coaching For Competitive Surfers

If you ever surfed in a heat before you know that everything changes under pressure. No matter how good you are in a free surf, if you want to advance through contests you need to know proper heat strategy.

Wait out back for a set? Get a few scores on the board with some inside waves? Go all out for the air or link together a couple snaps? All of these critical decisions are magnified when the clock is ticking and you are in a single elimination contest.

Coaching for professional athletes is commonplace in other sports, and now competitive surfers at the highest level are seeing the benefit of a personal surf coach for contests.

Competitive Surf Coaching

Matt Wilkinson had never won a CT contest before hiring Glenn “Micro” Hall as his coach, and he promptly won two straight events to start the 2016 season.

Even surfers on the level of John John Florence have seen tremendous gains from dedicated surf coaching. John hired Bede Durbidge to help him with his heat strategy and could be on his way to his first world title in 2016.

California is blessed with tons of waves and tons of talented surfers trying to climb through the competitive ranks. If you are looking to take your contest surfing to the next level and break through, contact us to discuss how a private surf coach could benefit your career.

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Examples of Specific Surf Coaching Points

Beginner & Intermediate Skills

  • Proper paddling technique
  • Duck diving and navigating larger waves
  • Working your way to a smaller board for high performance surfing


  • Proper padding and riding technique
  • Turning and maneuvering a longboard
  • Conquer the nose!

Advanced Surfing

  • Progressive turns & maneuvers
  • Landing airs and aerial techniques
  • Contest & heat strategy to advance to later rounds

Reading the Ocean

  • How to choose the right board for the conditions
  • How to read waves & surf spots
  • Learning your local and regional breaks
  • Swell forecasting and picking the right spot

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