Progressive Surf Academy was born from the philosophy that surfing lessons should be about more than just pushing people into waves and yelling “stand up, stand up!!!” Our approach to surf instruction teaches all aspects of surfing – proper technique, knowledge of and respect for the ocean, wave selection and, of course, having a blast in the water.

Surfing, after all, is our favorite pastime, and we want to make it yours.

Surfing, after all, is our favorite pastime, and we want to make it yours.

Our lessons and coaching differs in that it is individualized to your needs. Before we even get into the water, we aim to get to know each of our students during an on land briefing and orientation.

Once in the water, we continue to evaluate you and adapt our teaching style. We are happy to adapt any of our lessons and have the flexibility to accommodate your requests.

About Our Founder


WITH OVER 25 YEARS OF SURFING EXPERIENCE, Christian is the owner and founder of Progressive Surf Academy San Diego.

He grew up in Florida before relocating to Hawaii for much of his youth. He quickly gained competitive success and was a sponsored surfer for many years. He found his true passion was sharing his love of surfing with others. As he has travelled all over the world to surf, he has a vast knowledge base to share.

In addition to being an accomplished surfer, Christian is an excellent and patient teacher who can adapt his methods to your individual needs.

He has over ten years of experience teaching all levels of surfers. The majority of his experience came from working with the infamous “Uncle Bryan” and the Sunset Suratt Surf School on the North Shore of Oahu.

Aside from surfing, Christian has a passion for helping others. Together with his wife who is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, he has a particular desire to help youth with mental health concerns. Out of this desire, our charity was born. Giving back is a fundamental part of Progressive Surf Academy.

All instructors are carefully trained by Christian and have up to date CPR. Your safety is paramount.


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